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What I am standing for 

Enjoy &

Bon Appetit

Healthy Meals 

Tasty healthy meals to spark growth within the realms of the Mind, Body & Soul.

High Quality 

Creating high quality meal prep dishes using mostly organic & high quality ingredients.

Do something GOOD


Helping yourself, help others! We donate a meal to a person of need with every weekly subscription.

My Story 

Hello, My name is Jonathan Octeus and I am the Founder and CEO of “MoreThanAHoopersDiet.” On this website, we feature amazingly delicious, nutritious, family-friendly recipes made with organic ingredients. 

A little more about me, I am a Haitian American that was blessed with the opportunity to grow up in the beautiful multicultural city of Miami, Florida. A “Melting Pot”, is an understatement when it comes to the lively environment I experienced growing up. Indulging myself into different cuisine from a huge array of cultures, helped me build a love for culinary arts that would shape what you see today. 


Every week, we create a playbook (menu) for our clients to choose tasty combinations of food from...We provide delicious and healthy meals to clients 1-2 times per week that can be picked up at our kitchen location or delivered.


We currently operate out of 2 locations. One in East Orlando and one in Downtown Miami Florida. We offer delivery services for a small fee to your home or workplace. (Delivery fee varies depending upon drop off location)

To create the perfect meal prep plans for our clients, we like to sit down and come up with a Game Plan that would best fit the needs of each of our clients needs.

Our CEO and Chefs here at More Than A Hoopers Diet pride ourselves in helping individuals piece together a meal prep plan that will allow the customer to reach their goals, whatever that entails. 



Gabriella M.

“Meals were so good I asked for recipes and became a chef myself.”


Devonte B.

“Never thought I’d say this but those vegan dishes are amazing!”


Alex N.

“So glad I started doing More Than Meal Prep. With the way my schedule is setup, great food on the go is hard to come by.”

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