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What is "MoreThanAHoopersDiet"

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

MoreThanAHoopersDiet is source where an individual can grab insight on cuisine that can help boost your mind, body, and soul.

Jonathan Octeus aka “MoreThanAHooper”, brings experiences from his childhood and the continued memories through out adulthood to the kitchen or your smart phones, computers or tablets.

MoreThanAHooppersDiet, was created in in my head long before I knew how much I loved being in the kitchen. My mother and the women in my family made it extremely hard not to love flavorful food and getting lost in the art of cooking.

Looking back, there are 3 things in my life that have remained constant. Those three things are:

1. The Love For My God/ Family/ Friends

2. The Love For Sports

3. The Love For Food

How it all began

Certain points in my life, that order would be rearranged. I grew up in a house hold where I saw my mother working really hard to make sure my sister and I got everything we needed.

Noticed I said “needed” and not “wanted”. That’s really important to mention because at an early age, not having much money, my mother would encourage me to go and get what I wanted. How’d she do that you ask? She would tell me that if I came up with half of the money for the things that I “wanted”, she would give me the other half.

With that method I quickly learned the art of being an entrepreneur.

I was in the 4th grade when I began to sell candy at before, during, and after school to my peers. Soon candy began selling out so fast, I started adding chips, and drinks to the menu.

Soon I would be pulling in around $100 a week, around $400 a month as a 4th grader. That deal my mother had with me became a problem by the time I was in 6th grade. I was making too much money and my mother didn’t want to keep up with my success. Rightfully so, we only had the deal in certain occasions.

Thanks to my mother because that mindset would propelled my business mind for the rest of my life. Go and get it. How does that tie into MoreThanHooperDiet?

My mother worked so much that by the time I was in 4th grade, I was experimenting in the kitchen. Taking microwaveable meals and cooking them on the stove top without my mother knowing.

Eventually I started paying attention to everything my mother was doing in the kitchen and doing the same when she wasn’t around. I do not promote doing this kids.

So as time went on, I found the kitchen becoming similar to the football field or the basketball court. It became somewhere I could escape and be creative. Somewhere that puts my mind at peace which in turn, nourishes the body.

I cooked all throughout high school and college. Cooking for friends, teammates, coaches, and family. Eventually I started a Facebook and Instagram page which took off. I received tons of support from people which in turn continues to push my passion for culinary arts.

Like everything I attach myself to, I want it to evolve. In just 6 months MoreThanAHoopersDiet has evolved numerous times.

Content creation, Meal Prep Services, Video Tutorials, YouTube Channel, Merchandise, are just a few things we offer.

In the coming months, there are about to be some exciting pieces being added to the MoreThanAHoopersDiet Brand and I appreciate all the support along the way.

Would you like to get more information about my service and what I am doing? Feel free to reach out to me via email:!

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